1.       Update current Work Zone Safety Power point that was on Share point with existing program we have been using within CBS Outdoor.

2.       Update Council Contacts

3.       Tanks Section under Environmental – Add the Current CBS Risk Management Tank List which shows the Corporation’s known tanks by Division.

4.       CBS Outdoor – Upload latest CBS Approved Subcontractor List.

5.       Transportation – Upload Current Eye on Dangerous Goods Shipping

  • Updated Lithium Ion Battery Shipping Information
  • Upload CBS Outdoor Motor Carrier Current DOT Approved Driver List
  • Upload CBS Broadcasting Motor Carrier Current DOT Approved Driver List.
  • Post Existing CBS Radio Driver Safety Policy
  • Post CBS TV Driver Policy once finalized by J. Birch and HR.



This section deals with the rules and regulations regarding the transportation of hazardous materials and the safe and lawful operation of all motor vehicles used throughout the Corporation.


Transportation Safety & Compliance Links