Lithium Battery Communication

As 2019 quickly approaches, CBS Corporation lithium battery shippers need to be aware of the mandatory label changes that become effective on January 1st.  For almost 2 years CBS Corporation shippers of small (< 100 watt – lithium ion or small < 2 grams – lithium metal batteries and small battery-powered devices have had the option to use either the lithium battery handling “Caution” label or the lithium battery mark while operating under the transition period that has been allowed within the International and Domestic regulations. On January 1st the lithium battery mark becomes mandatory and the handling label becomes obsolete.

Instead of displaying “Lithium Ion Battery” or “Lithium Metal Battery” the new marks display the specific UN number(s) associated with the battery shipment (i.e, UN3480, UN3481, UN3090, and UN3091). Displaying the UN number(s) easily identifies whether or not the package contains standalone batteries, or batteries contained in/packed with equipment. A telephone number is also required, and no additional statements are allowed to be displayed on the mark in accordance with the regulations. Depending on carrier requirements additional information may be required to appear on the package that cannot be displayed on the mark and example is the mandatory ICAO/IATA Section II Packing Instruction numbers, proper shipping names, handling instructions, etc.).

2019 also brings a mandatory change for fully regulated battery shipments. Similar to the handling label/mark changes, shippers have had the option to use either the new lithium battery Class 9 Hazard Class label or the standard Class 9 miscellaneous label during the current 2-year transition period. Beginning January 1st all fully regulated lithium battery shipments will be required to display the new lithium battery Class 9 label.

Please make sure you secure your supply of labels now.

For additional information please contact Mr. Jim Staab at 412-642-4968.