OSHA Recordkeeping

Since 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been working to ensure safe and healthy working conditions by setting and enforcing standards and providing training, outreach, education, and assistance.

All CBS locations are covered by OSHA and must maintain complete and accurate records of all on-the-job related injuries and illnesses.  While recordkeeping can sometimes be time consuming, and the reason not always apparent, it is an important function in your business. 

Accurate recordkeeping is an important part of our safety and health efforts.  Maintaining records of work-related injuries and illnesses can help to prevent future occurrences and identify hazardous workplace conditions.

Once an injury or illness has been reported, it must be recorded within seven days.  Any workplace incident resulting in a fatality or the hospitalization of three or more employees, must be reported to OSHA within eight hours.  Mark Perriello, Director, Corporate Safety and Health, must also be contacted at 412-642-5055 to assist in coordinating the details in the reporting and recording of the incident.

FirstReport Online, an internet, web-based OSHA recordkeeping system, should be used to maintain your injury and illness data.  This recordkeeping system can be used to:

  • Create and maintain your OSHA 300 Log and OSHA Form 300A
  • Generate your state’s worker’s compensation forms
  • Create reports based on types of injuries, lost work days, restricted work days, etc.