Business Conduct Statement

XII. Health, Safety, and the Environment

CBS policy is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and guests, to conduct its operations in an environmentally sound, socially responsible manner, and to comply with all applicable health, safety, and environmental (HSE) laws and regulations.

Responsibility for HSE performance rests with all employees, management and non-management alike.  Management is responsible for providing proper training on the rules and regulations applicable to the workplace, and the tools to do the job safely.  Management will seek to reduce energy usage, where economically and technologically feasible, through conservation, energy efficient technology, and prudent management practices.  In addition, management will seek to reduce the generation of waste, where practicable, through the application of pollution prevention, waste minimization, reuse and recycle technologies.  Employees are responsible for following the rules, using the tools provided to them, and supporting management initiatives on HSE performance.

Accordingly, all employees are expected to adhere to the following general guidelines:

  • Be familiar with and comply with all HSE laws and regulations that apply to your scope of work and location.  If you are unfamiliar with these laws and regulations, ask your supervisor or a Compliance Officer;
  • Follow the established safety procedures and rules of conduct for your location;
  • Attend or complete any training assigned to you by your supervisor or Company;
  • Apply the following principles of accident/incident prevention in your daily work:
    • avoid unsafe practices;
    • recognize and report unsafe conditions;
    • implement corrective measures as necessary
  • Maintain your workspace in a safe condition;
  • Use the personal protective equipment assigned to you for your position;
  • Promptly report any work-related injury or illness to your supervisor or your Human Resources Representative and seek appropriate treatment; and
  • If you use or manage chemicals or wastes, you must prevent their improper storage, disposal or discharge to the environment, and any shipments of these materials must be properly labeled and packaged.

Specific guidance related to issues encountered in your division, work location or position is available through your Company’s Law Department or the Corporate Safety and Environmental Group.

Willful noncompliance with the Company’s HSE policy will not be tolerated, and employees may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.